Welcome to Fullarton Wheelers Cycling Club

Fullarton Wheelers is Irvine’s oldest cycling club. We started in 1934 and have enabled hundreds of people to take part in the sport and pastime of cycling. Whether it is providing access to competitive opportunities like time trialing and road racing, or social Sunday runs and recreational riding, we have something to offer everyone.

We are a busy, sociable, active club and there are normally opportunities to join group rides nearly every day of the week. On Monday evenings we have a big Club ride of about thirty miles, with groups split up into ability levels. Tuesdays are normally set aside for easy-paced recovery runs. Wednesday evening is ‘the Crit’, an informal inter-club training session in Irvine. Thursdays are for the Club Summer League. Saturday mornings are the ‘Bun Run’ from Irvine to Largs and back, including a café stop. Sunday mornings are when the weekly Club Run takes place, a steady social ride of about forty miles and another café stop!

At the moment, like all other cycling clubs, we are in lockdown. Members are still out on the road and we see you. People trying cycling for the first-time during furlough, couples out on their bikes enjoying the unusually quiet roads, people coming back into the sport, younger riders, female riders, older riders. We say to all of you, how would you like to take your cycling to the next level? When lockdown eases we will be offering taster sessions and easy paced rides for those getting (back) into cycling.

We are based in some excellent cycling country. From the countless miles of quiet country lanes to the hard climbing of the Ayrshire Alps. Come and join us and explore all the ways you can take your enjoyment of cycling further.